Be My Valentine

I whipped up these "Be My Valentine" dishcloths during musical rehearsal last week. I like working on some knitting or crochet to keep my mind busy during the time in between the songs. It definitely makes rehearsal go by faster!
The pattern is free on the sugar n cream website. I did these in red and pink, but there are so many color possibilities!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Love these! So cute! How long does it take to do one? (Approx)

  2. Hola Jen me encartaron porque hacen a la cocina mas alegres y parce que con mucho amor, los paños si que decoran con esta combinación tan divertida adorables corazoncillos besos.

  3. Thanks you guys! These probably took around 2 hours or less to make, start to finish. They were a fast, fun project!


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