Things I Made Before Christmas #2

Don't let the creepy Beethoven head freak you out! I made him in 8th grade and he's still hanging around. I keep thinking he will break one of these days and then I can get rid of him. But for the time being, he is a scarf model!
This is the Garter Gator from the Purl Bee. Super easy and quick knit.


  1. Hola Jen me encanto ese cuello se ve bien abrigado lastima que aquí hace unos 35º de calor peo es una buena idea para este invierno que viene te dejo mi cariño.

  2. Jen, this is hilarious! I love your creepy Beethoven model. The scarf is really cool too.

  3. Haha! Thanks you guys! Yeah, my Beethoven bust is kinda weird. I like putting a santa hat on him at Christmas time. It's festive!


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