Things I Made Before Christmas #1

Here is something I made before Christmas. 
It's a Braided Ball that I made for my nephew. 
I grabbed some leftover yarn and starting knitting the strips. Easy! The hard part came when it was time to put the strips together. I felt like I was doing a tricky puzzle. 
Luckily there is a very helpful YouTube video that shows how to put it all together step by step. The link to the video is on the pattern page. I highly recommend watching the video!


  1. This is really cute! I've been thinking about creating some homemade kids toys. Do you have any more that you have made?

  2. Hermosa esta bola tus colores muy alegres y me encantaría agregarle un sonido por dentro, se ve complicada hacerla pero tus datos nos llevaran por buen puerto besitos.

  3. I have made some other crocheted toys....a frog, a bunny, and a kitty! Maybe someday I will put some photos of them on here.


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