Indian Cave State Park

Gary and I visited beautiful Indian Cave State Park last week. First we looked at the petroglyphs at the cave site. Finding the actual carvings was a bit tricky, since many visitors have carved their names in the rock too.
Since the weather was so fantastic, we decided to hike on one of the trails. I wasn't prepared for the super hilly path we chose! Up and down the hills we walked, until we made it to the highest point. It was totally worth all the huffing and puffing and sweating to see the gorgeous fall trees though. After resting a bit, we made our way back down the hill. Not easy! A recent rain had washed out deep ruts in the path. At one point we had to hop over a huge tree that had fallen. Hiking up a hill is one thing, but continually going down a hill? My toes and knees were aching. Boy were we happy to make it to the bottom where there was level ground.
We had a great time visiting this place. I think my favorite part besides the trees was hearing all the birds singing. We heard an owl hooting in the middle of the day! I wish I could have seen it, it sounded like a huge bird!
If you get the chance to visit, do it! I hope to return and camp sometime.


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