Fun With Bugs

 Well hello there old friend.
My how you've grown!

 I see you have been eating well.
But, did you have to eat the pretty butterflies? 

 Yes, I suppose you did.
 So long! Hope to see you next summer!


  1. Hello! Haven't had an opportunity to comment recently, but I hope you are well?

    You take the most amazing pictures! That first photo made my kids laugh and laugh - fab, thanks for sharing.

    Jumbleberries xx

  2. Hola Jen tanto tiempo que loco este simpático bichito!!! son hermosos y temerosos al mismo tiempo pero necesarios para nuestro amado jardín me encanto te dejo mi cariño.

  3. Jen, that bug got fat and scarier looking! I guess it is an old man bug now. ha.


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