Work In Progress Wednesday

My latest quilting project is putting together this T-shirt quilt that will be a raffle prize for our school's 10 year anniversary. Here is what I've done so far!

I used my 12 1/2" square ruler as my template to cut out the designs. I laid out a shirt and lined up my ruler on the design. Then I used my rotary cutter to cut it out through both the front and back of the shirt. In addition to blocks with designs on them, I now have a stack of plain T-shirt squares that I could probably do something with! 
Next, I ironed a light interfacing on the back to stabilize the knit fabric. 
I was given a bag with 20 T-shirts in it, so I knew the layout was going to be 4 blocks x 5 blocks. After that, deciding the color layout took me forever! I had it out on the floor for a couple days, changing a block here and there until I liked how it looked. There's a lot of navy and black and a couple bright colors. Definitely a challenge.
After I sewed the blocks together, I ironed the seams open. You can see the interfacing on the back in this photo.
Now I'm ready to put it all together! 


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