Junk Jaunt

 Hello there! Fall has arrived in our neck of the woods. Today Gary and I are visiting my mom.
 This weekend is the Junk Jaunt. Basically it's a 250+ mile garage sale!
 Mom and I only traveled about 20 of those 250 miles to look at junk. I picked up the blue case for $3 from the "Twisted Sisters" garage sale. The sisters were a lot of fun. At one point we were all singing Jingle Bells!
 I bought the embroidered horse pillows from a fellow crafty lady in Farwell. Her table had crocheted afghans, embroidered pillows and pot holders among other things. We had a very nice conversation about quilting and crocheting. My kind of gal!
This quilt was not found at the Junk Jaunt. It lives at my mom's house and I really like it. Simple and colorful.
We've had a great day spending time with mom! Hope to do it again soon.


  1. Maravillosos trabajos realmente adorables y cuanto amor hay allí besitos .


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