Happy Labor Day in the USA! 
We've been enjoying the long weekend. Saturday I mowed my almost dead lawn. I can't even remember the last time that happened. We've been on water restriction here for quite awhile. I gave up on watering the grass forever ago, so it's pretty dead looking. People say the grass goes dormant in all the heat but I don't know. It looks dead to me!
After mowing I was tired, probably because I had taken my brother and his girlfriend to the airport at 5:30 AM! Almost forgot that part. Ugh that was early! 
Anyway, I sat on the couch, worked on these dishcloths and watched the Huskers win their first football game of the season. Pretty perfect Saturday if you ask me.
This pattern is called Chinese Waves. It's easy to remember, just knit and slip.
How was your weekend?


  1. Hola Jen tanto tiempo ☺ gracias por tu lindo mensaje y quiero decirte que me enamore de tu chal los colores la forma de las ondas todo es muy bello te dejo mi cariño.

  2. Such a beautiful stitch...I'm going to learn how to do this one! Love the colors too!


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