What I Made While Watching the Olympics

Gary and I really enjoyed watching the Olympics. After the closing ceremonies last night, we looked at each other and wondered what will we do with our evenings now?
This scarf is for my cousin. I think I was watching gymnastics while making this.

The pattern is called Greenway. Here are the details!
I also made a second granny scarf using the same yarn. I was going to share a photo of it. Unfortunately, I walked all the way down my hall before I noticed a long unraveling thread behind me. I guess I forgot that I hadn't completely finished it off. 

After the scarves there were still more Olympics to watch! So, I started this shawl using Lion Brand Amazing yarn. It's fun to see the different color stripes come out after each row. I'm not sure what I was watching while working on this, but I did make a mistake and had to rip out some rows. I'm back on track now and getting close to the finish!
Did you make anything while watching the Olympics?


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