Yes! We finally had a small rain shower late last night. I sat outside in the dark and listened to the rain fall. It's so nice to have a change from the oppressive heat. The weather man says the temperature will drop to the 90's instead of being above 100. Sounds good to me!
These letter blocks are from my newest quilting project. I had this idea to make a "talking quilt". I was so excited to try it that I could hardly sleep! I can't wait to do some more sewing today.
Ta dah!!! I grew some basil from seed. My plans of having an herb garden didn't really pan out. I planted basil, parsley, thyme, and oregano. Seems like there were a couple more I'm forgetting. Anyway, most of the seedlings met their demise via rain washing them out of the pots or squirrels and birds knocking the pots over. The basil and parsley were the only survivors. 
Yesterday, I picked some basil for the first time. I added it to the dish I made for supper and it was so tasty!


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