Time to Fly!

First let me say how hot it has been around here. 
Second, this will probably be the last post about the wrens, so bear with me!
Last night I went out to refill the birdbath (again) and I heard lots of noise coming from the wrens. I looked over and saw a beak peeking out of the hole! I ran to get my camera and here's some of what happened.


more looking.....

hey what's up there?

here goes.....

Nope! Just kidding! 
This little birdie took a long time to leave. When it finally did, it kind of hung upside down by one foot and then fluttered to the ground. Wasn't very graceful! The first two to leave must've been the strongest ones because they actually flew to a branch in the tree.
 I'm guessing there were about 5 babies in the house because there were still two hanging around this morning. Last time I went out all was quiet, so I think they have all flown away!


  1. Great photos and how lovely to watch this little fellow leave the nest, even if it wasn't very graceful. Thanks for sharing.

    Jumbleberries xx


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