Rock n Roll Rooster

 I love how these dish towels turned out! These are going to my brother, because as his big sister, I feel that he NEEDS handmade items for his apartment. He probably doesn't care either way. That doesn't matter to me, I'm having fun making him stuff!
You may remember that I made these for him awhile back. He hasn't used them, but they are decorating the wall above his sink, which is just as good in my book. :)
I knew I had to buy this pattern and make it for my brother when I saw the rooster playing the guitar. My favorite part is the cute little chick.
For the second towel I chose the rooster watering flowers because my brother has a new found love of plants and gardening! I love how excited he is about his window garden in his apartment. I suppose he really can't help it, gardening is in his blood.
 The last time I was at his place I snapped this pic of his window garden. 
Isn't it lovely?


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