Do One Year Olds Wear Onesies?

Gary and I were invited to his nephews 1st birthday party yesterday. About a year ago I made Dax this quilt.
For his 1st birthday, I thought I would make some stenciled onesies using freezer paper and fabric paint. Well, I didn't leave myself much time to do the paint, which has to dry for 24 hours or something like that. So, I tried out these Crayola fabric markers instead.

I found some fun designs online and traced them on the onesie. 
To stabilize the fabric and stop the marker from bleeding through, I ironed a piece of freezer paper inside.

Next I colored in the design. After the ink was dry, I set it by ironing the back of the design for 4 minutes. 

I think they turned out really cute. 
The markers were fun and easy to use. I'm wondering how the color will hold up with washing though.
 Now that I gave them away, I'm thinking maybe I should have just bought regular baby t-shirts, because I'm not sure that one year old's wear onesies. 
I'm glad I tried the markers anyway. I bet I can use them on other projects.


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