Making a Big Noise for It's Size

I had asked my Uncle Ron to make me a bird house. Then I asked my mom's friend Dennis if he would make me one as well. I thought between the two of them, I would at least get one house. Well, I now have THREE awesome bird houses! I was so thrilled to get them. 
Uncle Ron and Dennis, YOU'RE THE BEST!
 I hung up the houses on Wednesday. 
Imagine my surprise to find this house wren moving in the very next day!
 He has been very busy sprucing up the birdhouse. 

I've enjoyed watching him stuff the house full of twigs. Right after every twig, he flies up to a branch and sings a little song. He has been singing for a mate for days now. Even now I can hear him singing his heart out. I hope she shows up soon!


  1. We have wrens in our garden too - they are just so cute.

    Jumbleberries xx


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