Grandma Was So Right

That little note was attached to a box of beer bread mix that grandma gave me for a Christmas gift. I've kept it in my cookbook to remind me of her. Plus, it makes me laugh.
After the funeral last Thursday, my brother, sister and I stopped by grandma's house to use the bathroom and drop off our guitars before heading to the dinner.
 The door was locked.
But, the cooler was sitting next to the door. We decided to sit at the picnic table and have a beer. As we quietly sat there, listening to the birds sing, we began to relax. It was just what we needed after an emotional morning.
I'm going to miss my grandma a lot! She inspired me in so many ways. I hope to share more about her here soon. 


  1. Hi Jen. So sorry to hear your sad news. The funny reminder from your grandma, in her own hand, is a lovely little keepsake though and I'm sure you'll look at often and it will make you smile.

    Jumbleberries xx


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