A Trip to the Nebraska Prairie Museum

My brother Chris and I took a little trip to Holdrege to see our dad. One thing I like about the drive is seeing for miles across the plains. Nebraska doesn't have mountains. Instead, there are beautiful cloudscapes!
Whenever we visit dad, we go see what he's been up to at work. 
He's the director of the Nebraska Prairie Museum.
 I have been visiting the museum since I was a kid. I have memories of Grandma, my dad's mom, showing us grand kids around the place. Her favorite part of the visit was when she could show us off to her friends. She really loved that.
 Now my dad shows us around the place. I so enjoy that special time with him. Seeing him get excited about his work is inspiring to me. I'm so proud of what he and his staff have accomplished. I know Grandma would be too!
Here are some photos from our visit.
This is a quilt map of Nebraska. All I can say is wow.

It appears to be hand stitched and embroidered.

A couple of phonographs.

Colorful badges.

Outside, the museum has a school house, a farm house and a church. This was the first time I had been in the buildings.
This is the entrance of the school house.

I could have spent more time looking in the farm house. Every bed has a quilt.

This windmill has been restored. I like the red and white paint.

 In the church entry.

 The museum allows people to get married in this church during the summer. Be warned though, no air conditioning!

So there's a little peek of the museum. If you are in the area, please stop by and check it out! There's so much to see, much more than my photos here. 
A good time to go would be in a couple weeks, when Holdrege hosts Swedish Days.


  1. Aww. Memories with Grandma V. Thanks for posting Jen


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