Dolly Quilt Number 3 and Me Under the Juniper Tree

I had to make one more dolly quilt. Just simple squares sewn together. It measures 20' x 22".
I used rick rack on the edge instead of binding.
The back has this red and white rose print.
 Now all the 3 year old girls I know have a dolly quilt and dolly diapers!
So, my blog is called Jennifer Under the Juniper Tree. Do you see that bush behind the quilt? I spent most of my Saturday under that juniper bush, whacking away at the dead branches. I made a huge mess and my muscles are so sore! I think it looks much better though. The fun part about it is I can see where there used to be a rock garden under there. I wonder if any of my neighbors have lived here long enough to know what it looked like before the junipers grew so huge?


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