Blanket for Brother Old School

I made this afghan for my brother, Chris. 
He and I decided that he needed a warm blanket for his new place. Of course, that was a year ago. He's lived in his place for months now and the weather is getting warmer every day. 
I was a bit slow getting this afghan finished up.
Here he is wearing the shirt that was the color inspiration. This photo is several years old and it's the only one I could find of him wearing the shirt. I asked him to do a new photo shoot but he wasn't very interested! Brothers.
You will find the details about the afghan here
What else can I tell you about Chris..
He is a musician. He keeps me up to date on music.
He collects old records. He's my antiquing buddy. He looks for the records, I look at everything else.
I like him quite a bit.
Here he is singing. Check him out!


  1. Great blanket - cool brother.

    Jumbleberries xx

  2. Hola Jen que belleza esa manta tu hermano se a ganado un lindo premio ,una hermana con mucho amor felicidades ☺ que trabajo hermoso besitos Sandra.


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