Early Saturday morning, I boarded a bus filled with 50 sleepy yet excited teenagers.

 Our Destination, 
Worlds of Fun.

Our Mission,
Sing in the music festival AND Ride roller coasters

 We had a great day. The weather was just perfect and as far as I know, nobody puked.
 I'm not much of a roller coaster girl. I have tried riding them, but the terror that ensues is just too much for me and I end up feeling awful. The train and carousel are more my speed.

This was our bus driver. I'm thankful he got us there and back safely and in great time. As he was speaking on the microphone, one of the kids asked him to sing something. He considered it for a moment and then sang, "There's no beer in heaven ...." aaaaannnnd the microphone was quickly taken out of his hand. Boy that put a grin on my face after a long day at an amusement park. 
 Have a great Monday!


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