Dirt and Birds

 Saturday, I started working in the yard! Boy was it hot at above 90 degrees.
 This little spot is on the sunny South side of the house. I decided to clean it off and get it ready to plant.
The grackles are back. They watched me the whole time I was out there. The noise they produce is a screechy squawking noise that is pretty irritating. I found out that they like to nest in evergreen trees, which is just what we have in the backyard. Great. I bet they are moving in.
Look at that beady eye. I don't like that look mister!
So here's the cleaned off spot with some garden soil added in. The dirt around the house is rock hard and dusty. I'm surprised anything can grow in it.
Once again, my progress is being monitored.
And here are the plants added in. I got these from my mom's garden. Daisies, coneflowers, and I don't remember the names of the other two. I'm hoping they will grow! Now on to the other dirt patches in the yard!


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