The Avett Brothers and TGIF

My brother Chris and I went to the Avett Brothers concert last night. It was at the Pershing center. 
I'VE played the Pershing center for the last, oh, 12 years. If you count playing for high school graduations as "playing the Pershing center"! Hahah!
So yeah, the Avett Brothers. They are amazing.
Now that I've seen them live, I love them about 1000 times more than before. There's just something sort of magical that happens when siblings or relatives sing together. I love the sound and feeling of it so much, having experienced it with my own family. It truly is special.
  If you get a chance to see a live show, be prepared for some emotions! These guys bring it. One moment they are leading the crowd in a foot stompin jamboree, the next, everyone is singing along on a sweet, soft ballad.
 I took a picture of this moment, because the song was particularly beautiful. It was one I had not heard before. The strings were bowing together in a low, pensive duet. The brothers were singing in close harmony. My brain was tingling. The purple light kinda got me too.
I love being swept away by beautiful music.
Have I gushed on enough about the Avett Brothers? How about this artsy backdrop? I really like it. 
I also like the fact that it's the weekend. Have a great one!


  1. I love them 1000 times more too after seeing them live. Their record doesn't do them any justice.


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