My Niece Turned Three...

and I made her dolly diapers! Is that weird? Is it weird that I was so super excited to try these the moment I saw a picture of them? Here is the pattern if you want to sew some. They are fun and easy to make!

I always wanted diapers for my dolls when I was little. I remember taking my baby brother's diaper pins once. I used them to pin a wash cloth on my doll because she needed a diaper! Mom wasn't happy about that because the diaper pins were a precious commodity. She needed them for my brother. Then I tried taking some of the disposable diapers. Another bad idea! Mom said they were too expensive to use on dolls. If I had only had some dolly diapers back then.

So here's what I put together for Maddie's birthday present. The doll quilt, dolly diapers and a baby bottle. I had a fun time making the quilt and the diapers. Hopefully Maddie will play with them!


  1. Jen, these r sooo cute, your sewing talents are amazing!

  2. Thank you! I'm definitely going to make some more...I know a couple little girls who NEED dolly diapers!:)


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