I'm Seeing Red

I burned some midnight oil last night and quilted the Husker quilt. I have a kink in my neck this morning to prove it. Ouch! Surprisingly, my sewing machine didn't throw any fits so the process went smoothly. I don't want to look at that Husker fabric for awhile. It started to make my eyes go buggy! I've got to make the binding and get that sewn on sometime today.

I found something else blooming in the yard! The landlady told me this is Flowering Quince. Apparently this was a popular plant back when the houses around here were built. She said all the yards had one.

I almost missed this blossom. It's up against the house and was covered in leaves. I'm sure the heat from the sun on the South side forced it to open before the rest of the plant. I can't wait for the rest of the buds to open! 
Happy Friday and weekend to you!


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