Yesterday was a gorgeous, spring like day. 68 degrees in January! Usually this time of year we have cold temps and snow. The warm day called for all the windows in the house to be open. I thought I might get a sunburn from the sun beaming in!  I took a stroll around the neighborhood, breathing in the fresh air. Day dreaming about springtime and gardening. Listening to the chickadees chatter. What a treat to be warm in January.


  1. Hola Jen gracias por pasar, te cuento que esas rocas me recuerdan un lugar que se llama Bariloche en el sur de mi país y es maravilloso, buenas fotos y el pájaro es bellisimo como se llama? que lindos recuerdos me trajeron gracias y si, la primavera es la época que mas regalos nos deja a mi entender ja ja un besito Sandra.

  2. Thank you Sandra! The bird is called a cardinal. There is a pair of them who live in the bushes around my house. They visit the bird feeder every day!


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