Several years ago, maybe around Easter time, mom's family was coming over for the holiday. My Aunt Dorothy and mom decided that we should all do a project together. Something crafty. I remember mom's excitement as we made plans over the phone. I traveled home, wondering what mom and the aunts had planned. 
    After dinner, we set up a long table in my old bedroom and gathered around. Then the crafty project was revealed: Crazy Quilt Blocks! Aunt Dorothy brought out her tub full of fancy fabrics. Then she taught us all how to construct a block and add embroidery embellishments. I enjoyed every minute of hanging out and sewing with my aunts. We talked and laughed and tried not to poke our fingers with the needle. We each left that day with the quilt block we made and instructions on how to do different embroidery stitches. I had a great time and left excited about learning some more embroidery!
    I love that memory of sewing because in that moment, I saw my aunts in a new way. I had always looked at them like I was the kid and they were the adults. But as we sewed our blocks, we were all on the same level, creating together and supporting each other. I felt like I had joined the women ranks. 
    I found my crazy quilt blocks the other day. It got me thinking about how thankful I am for my amazing aunts. I think it's time we have another crafty get together!


  1. Hi Jen: I like to quilt, crochet, and knit, too! Love the photo of your crazy quilt blocks. I notice that you follow Pioneer Woman, she makes me laugh, I love her blog!

  2. Thanks Food Lover! I really like the Pioneer Woman too. I have made some recipes from her cookbook. Yummy!


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