Knitting Experiments

 Hooray for holiday break and free time! The couch and I have had a date for some knitting. Basically these baby hats are experiments. Ideas I have seen and wanted to try. The hat above was inspired by this design. I used some sport weight yarn, doubled, so my gauge would be 4 stitches per inch. Using my size 6 circular needles, I cast on 48 stitches and went from there. It has a fun, squishy feel and looks somewhat like a caterpillar!
Inspiration #2. Owl hats are cute, but I'm not so sure about my version. What do you think? Creepy or cute? I think the eyes are too big, and they aren't the same size. I will probably make the beak differently next time. Trying and revising, that's what experimenting is all about, right?  I'm glad I tried this because I learned how to do two new things. The pointy ears and the Kitchener Stitch. Kitchener Stitch=Confusing. I like the results though! Ok, gotta get back to the couch for more knitting, yeah!


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