Bag Lady

Whenever I go to the grocery store, the bag person asks me, "paper or plastic?" I say plastic. Then the feeling of guilt rushes over me. I have the earth friendly, reusable grocery bags. But do I remember to take them into the store? Nine times out of ten, no, I do not. My lack of thoughtfulness before I enter the store results in a plethora of plastic sacks in my kitchen. My craft room. The trunk of my car. I hate them.

My crafty mess needed attention last week. The plastic bags filled with my yarn, fabric, and P.I.G.S (Projects in Grocery Sacks, as my quilting friends call them!) were out of control. Stacks of fabric and teetering piles of bags had me imagining a landslide. It was time to clean it up. I started organizing the fabric scraps, then moved on to the yarn. One of the bags had little bits of yarn left over from past projects. I gathered up all the little yarn balls, removing them from their larger yarn ball friends. Now to figure out what to do with them!  Let me know if you have a favorite way to use up scraps, I could use some ideas!


  1. Jen hola comparto totalmente con vos y en un blog amigo vos sabes que tejió con bolsas de plástico un canasto me pareció genial, pero con restos de lanas podes hacer lo mismo o unos hermosos almohadones o ....☺ te mando un besito Sandra.

  2. Thanks Sandra! I checked out your friends bags..pretty neat! I've seen people weave plastic bags into mats too.


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