The Weatherman Predicted Snow

I'm finished harvesting leaves until spring. Thank goodness. I have been picking up leaves for weeks. It's interesting to see how my neighbors deal with them. I have only officially met one neighbor face to face. He and I both liked to rake up our leaves on Mondays. We've met up a couple times in the street to talk. He likes to point out the fact that there will always be more leaves because so and so up the street never picks them up, and eventually, those leaves are going to blow down and collect in my yard. A different neighbor lives directly across the street from me. I don't see him much, but when I do, he's wearing a winter hat, even if it's warm outside. He likes to pull his car into my driveway to back into his. The last time he did this, he rolled down the window of his car and yelled, "That's a lot of work!" while I was mowing. He doesn't pick up his leaves. Probably because it's a lot of work. Another of my neighbors waited until every leaf had dropped before she cleaned up her yard, which resulted in a thick carpet of leaves to deal with. She did the smart thing and hired a lawn service. I should have hired those guys to do my yard. But then I would miss out on the excitement in the neighborhood! I can't wait to see what happens when it snows.


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