Sick Day

Yesterday went like this: Sleep. Watch TV. Drink hot tea. Repeat. By late afternoon, sitting on the couch was getting old.
I decided to finish up the mitten pillow, even though my head was pounding. After searching for my quilting frame and thimble and safety pins and needles, I did some quick quilting around the squares. Cut out some fabric for the back and BOOM! done. Now that my sewing machine is up and running again, I'm going to sew a couple Christmas gifts this weekend. Not much time left! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Hola Jen gracias por tu mensaje y por pasar, me alegra que estés mejor pero con dolor y todo te quedo precioso!!! muy bueno y la foto es magnifica los tonos, las sutiles luces y cuanto se puede ver en una foto así genial un beso Sandra.


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