Night Snow

It snowed again yesterday, slow and steady, all day and into the night.
As I think about my weekend, I would like to get back to crafting SOMETHING! Anything. I miss my sewing machine. My boxes of fabric are sitting here, waiting to be gone through. My yarn is a mess. I have Christmas gifts to make with approximately 15 days to crank em out. Unfortunately for my Christmas gifts, I won't be sitting at the sewing machine this weekend. I have rehearsals and performances to attend. So, watch out people, this blog may become all about snow. Happy Weekend!


  1. Gracias Jen por pasar, y por tu mensaje ,y te cuento que la nieva es tan hermosa que si son todas tus fotos así bueno no me molestaría ja ja, acá hace mucho calor, sabemos que para esta época estamos colgadas de una lampara ☺.. un beso Sandra.


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