The Past 50 Days, According to My Camera

Well, Hello There! I did not think I would be away from here for 50 days. Apologies to my friend, Vickie, who keeps asking when the blog is getting updated. Getting the internet hooked up at the new house has taken forever. But now it's here!! Yay! So, here are some pics I have taken in the last 50 days. That one up there is part of my new yard. It doesn't look like that now, because I took the picture maaany days ago and all the leaves have fallen. 
We went to the University's homecoming parade.
My sweet sister Melissa came to visit!
I saw a fox.
In town. At Mahoney Park.
I became a godmother. Not the fairy kind, but the churchy kind. 
 I took a trip to Las Vegas! More on that later...
The leaf harvest has been very bountiful.Oh so many, many leaves. I'm excited to be all moved into the new house! I can't wait to get back to crafty things. Now, if only I could get to my sewing machine.


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