Saturday with Spidey

This morning I woke up and went to the kitchen to make coffee like I always do. I dumped in the coffee, poured in the water, and then I saw this sitting on the counter!
Gary came in laughing and said he found this GIANT SPIDER in our bathroom. He caught it in this jar to show me. He even poked air holes in the lid. Awww, he's so sweet.
We didn't name it this time. But I did let it hang out on the counter while I made breakfast! Later, I let it go in the park where it scurried right up a tree. Have I mentioned that we are moving?? We are! Just a short way down the street to a house (yipee!!) in a quieter neighborhood. I'm really excited about it....and I am so glad this GIANT SPIDER is not coming with us.


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