Photos from the Weekend

On Saturday, Gary and I picked up his sister and nephew to go see the Blue Angels at the airshow! The boys wore their Husker caps. Victor had a bird's eye view of the action.
These people are amazingly precise. Very cool to watch them work as a team!
And they're off!
Watching them fly this close together and so close to the ground made me nervous.
They flew up! They made huge loops in the sky!
They flew upside down.
They made fancy formations!
They flew at each other from 5 different points!
The show was amazing. This photo is of the pilots congratulating each other after a successful show. Don't you like a guy in a uniform? I really like their blue uniforms. Ahem. Now I want to watch Top Gun.
After the show, I went searching for color. Kinda hard to do in a world of metal flying machines, but I found some.
What a great way to spend a sunny Saturday!


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