Color and Personality

These half square triangles came from one of my church friends. She tells the story that she received them from someone else, had made several quilts from them and still had some left! Apparently, she was sick of looking at them and told me to take what I wanted.  I looked through and found some that I liked. These half square triangles were hand sewn (with tiny, even stitches) by some mystery woman. Someone who spent hours matching light to dark or making sure a color in one triangle was picked up in the other half. Some of the fabrics are old. Some are new.

Here's what I did with the free quilt blocks. The blocks that I had chosen were mostly dark colors, so I made a few more to brighten it up. The lime greens and yellows from my stash give it a bright pop. I love color. When I was a girl, I remember drawing rainbows over and over. Red, orange, yellow, green blue, purple. ROY G BIV. Even now, when I make a project, it's difficult for me to choose just a couple colors to work with. I want them all! So, what does that say about my personality?? I just came across this ColorQuiz. Try it to see what your color choices say about your personality!


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