Books with Pictures

Gary and I did a little antique/thrift shopping. I found this book. On one side it has stories about the seasons.
This page is all about summer and butterfly's.
Turn the book over and on the other side is this Uncle Wiggily book. He's a rabbit gentleman. The other character is Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. She's a muskrat lady.
This page lists the friends and enemies of Uncle Wiggily. I do not remember having this book when I was young. Did any of you? I really like the illustrations.
 Reader's Digest books with pretty covers. These are from the 60's.  I already read a story about an artist. Not bad. A fun thing about these is the slightly weird illustrations for each story. My bookshelf is so full of books already, I may read these and donate them back! 
Gary laughed at me when I bought this. I like paint by numbers. The paint colors catch my eye, I guess.
I'm super excited about this! I've been on the lookout for glass containers with lids that I can make into a terrarium. Just as we were about to leave the antique store, I spotted this glass apple. The best part is the lid. I can't wait to find plants to make a terrarium!


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