Plant Update

Exciting news! My homemade aphid spray killed the aphids! The superbells are blooming again. The euphorbia didn't like the spray though. The little leaves sorta fell off. But now, it's coming back too with new leaves and some flowers.
The sweet potato vine is doing great. I've had to cut it back twice so it doesn't grow all over the sidewalk. Unfortunately, two of my three geraniums have died. The third one doesn't look good either, it's wilting. I'm not sure what happened, but I did see a squirrel sitting in that pot the other day. My poor double impatien hasn't bloomed for weeks, probably due to the heat. Oh, and something is eating my alyssum. My plants always start to look a little rough around the edges in August. We've had lots of heat! Some heavy thunderstorms came through a couple nights ago and blew things all to pieces. 
Looking forward to a busy day here. Happy Tuesday!


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