My love of crafting started early...

Whenever I go to mom's, I always look through the photo albums. I've seen this photo of my dad reading to me many times, but for some reason, this time I wondered what book he was reading. I recognized that back cover....I had seen it on my mom's shelf of craft books!
I went to the shelf, and sure enough, there it was.
This book is so colorful! I had to borrow it.
Look at all the fun pictures of toys!
I can see why I would want dad to read this to me. That yellow pig is so cute!
I want to make these Nutcracker Ballet puppets!
My mom had candle making supplies. I remember asking her once if I could make a candle. She helped me make a candle shaped like a bear. It was yellow because that's the color of wax she had. I didn't really care though. The thought of making a candle was so exciting to me. Waiting for the wax to harden seemed like an eternity. When it was ready, I think we painted it somehow? Hmm. 
This book has a little bit of everything. Knitting and crocheting patterns and recipes for jams, breads and cookies. 
Planter ideas and terrariums! I really like terrariums. I used to have one until my roommate's cat jumped on the windowsill and broke it. I think it's time to make one again.
Check this out. Macrame! Mom used to make macrame things back in the 70's. I'm gonna try learning a little macrame this weekend. I'm not making this necklace. Too groovy for me. Thanks mom, for letting me borrow your book. It may be awhile before you get it back!


  1. macrame looks really cool!! I don't think i've ever seen that before. If you do it, you should post it on here so we can see :)

    Notes She Wrote

  2. Hi! Oh, I have some macrame plans in the works! Haha! I hope it turns out!


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