Me Trying to Model a Skirt

Sometimes in the summer, I suddenly get this urge to sew clothes. Usually this happens late at night, which was the case last Tuesday, around 9:30 pm. Is it because of all the last minute, late night sewing I did for 4-H? I'm not sure. I cut out this skirt and sewed it up in about 3 hours! I was inspired by this one.
Here is my first attempt at modeling the skirt. I went outside because the light is way better out there. And well, my house is a mess. As I walked out the door, one of my neighbors pulled up. Dang it! So I went in and waited for him to go away. When the coast was clear, I went back out and set up the tripod and hoped for the best. I am not a model. The most modeling I've done was, again, for 4-H. You know, the kind where you walk in front of a judge wearing the outfit you sewed the night before, pivot, hands on hips, pivot again. Smile. Walk. Pivot. Ugh. 
I took a couple pics outside, but after about 5 minutes I was getting so sweaty. Also, more people were coming home from work. Embarrassing! So, yeah, I decided to try again later. Why, I'm not sure. This is about as good as it gets, folks. I do like the skirt though and I'm excited to wear it to school in a couple weeks!


  1. you crack me probably is related to 4H!

  2. LOL!! I wonder if other people have the same 4- H horror stories that we do. : ). Cute skirt!


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