I'm Thinking Purple

I've been collecting purple fabrics here and there, building up a stash to make something for this little girl. She really likes purple. At least I hope she still does! When she was born, she received so many baby quilts, she really didn't need another one from Aunt Jen. So, I've been waiting to make her a "big girl bed" quilt. Pretty soon, she will be a big sister, so I figure now is the time to make the quilt! Purple it shall be. I've been leaning toward the pinkish purples because they will be easier to mix with some of the pink fabrics I already have. Here are a couple of my favorite purple fabrics.
This one is Weekends by Erin McMorris for FreeSpirit fabrics. I love the bicycles!
This one says Tante Ema on the selvedge, which after some googling, I found out is a German design studio. I think it translates to "Auntie Ema" (is that even close Bella and Lea? I miss you girls!) Here is their website. It is so bright and cute, just like these little mushrooms and hearts. I found this fabric at Hancocks, but it was the only one like it. 
                                         Now to figure out the pattern for the quilt. Any thoughts?


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