I Don't Like Little Green Worms

Yesterday morning, I went out to see what's eating my alyssum. Can you see it? That little green worm matches the plant exactly.
My poor alyssum is losing all it's leaves due to these little green worms. I picked a bunch of these off the plant, but there's probably more! Gary came out and saw me picking worms. He made me stop and go to the hardware store with him.
I like going to the hardware store. You never know what you might find. I found this cherry chOmper for 5 bucks! I wonder how long it will last, or if it even works at all. I just couldn't resist the cuteness of the thing! I really do need a cherry pitter.
Outside the hardware store they had clearance garden center stuff. I took a look, and these sad little geraniums had a sign that said "Free Plants". I took em!
Look who was living in the geranium. A cute little snail! I realize that snails can damage plants too, but they are way cuter than worms. Now, why do I think snails are cuter than worms? Well, look at that coil of a shell. I like that.
They have tentacles.
They might be slimy, but just look at that! Peering over the edge of the leaf...so cute. I set this one free out in the yard.....far away from my plants. Later Slimey. I got more green worms to pick!


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