Betty's Garden

I had such a nice visit with mom last weekend. And I didn't have to pick up rocks!! We did some work in the back corner of her yard. I should have taken a before photo. Hmm. How can I describe what it looked like before? Let's just say there were lots and lots of weeds! 
I dug up the weeds while mom went and bought some mulch.
As I worked, the Purple Martins were busy feeding their chicks. I saw one baby eat an entire dragon fly!  The Purple Martin house was directly over my head and I was surprised that they didn't dive bomb me. 

Here's the after photo with no weeds. Mom has a couple varieties of ornamental grasses planted in this spot. Now, let's take a look at some of the other flowers growing in Betty's Garden!

This is a little video I took of the sounds in mom's garden. There were so many birds singing! Can you identify all of them?
At the end of the day, I stayed out in the yard, watching the Purple Martins. The sunset started happening, so I grabbed my camera and walked down the road, past all the houses, to the place where the corn field and the dirt road begin. This was a pretty one! 
   Working with mom in her garden was good for my soul. Getting my hands in the dirt was just what I needed. Well, that, and just being with mom always makes me happy. Thanks for a fun weekend, mom! Oh yeah, and I'm SO GLAD we didn't pick up rocks! :0)


  1. So nice to hear nothing in the background except for the birds and crickets. Oh, and the flowers...! So good for the soul to spend a while in the country.


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