Seward, Nebraska's Fourth of July City

Warning! Lots of pictures. Gary and I drove to Seward yesterday for their 4th of July celebration. Seward is a 4th of July City! That green sign in the background has an arrow pointing North. It says "Seward, Alaska 4135 miles".
I wore some red, white and blue.

First stop, the Seward High School Cheerleaders "Beef BBQ Buffet". Not to be confused with the VFW's "Pork BBQ feed". The cheerleaders were set up behind the bandshell. The ticket table had two pretty girls taking money. We stood in line behind about 7 teenage boys before the girls realized we were actual customers. The boys were trying their best to impress the girls with conversation like, "So, yeah, fireworks tonight....haha.. uh....what are you doin later?"

We took our food and sat down by the bandshell. The entertainment was this guy. I like how he is playing the guitar behind his head. He was in the middle of a very long rendition of "Freebird". I'm guessing we caught the finale, because he tagged the end of the song with his variation of the National Anthem. Complete with hair-ography. Then he ran up to unsuspecting old people in the crowd and played his guitar in their faces. Very entertaining!

After eating, we took a stroll around the square.

This building has an anvil on the top. Apparently, there is an anvil firing at 7am on the 4th.

The courthouse.
Gary and I were trying to take a photo of us by the courthouse, and then the police showed up.

So, we drove over to DQ for some Blizzards.
As we ate our ice cream, a plane flew over head. Parachute jump!

We watched the fireworks from a distance. We had a great time in Seward!


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