Date night with Victor

Gary's seven year old nephew, Victor, asked me to go out with him last night. Victor had our date all planned out. First, we both decided that we should start reading that Harry Potter book I got him for his birthday a couple years ago. We started our date by reading one chapter together. I loved reading to him, and I hope we will continue and finish the book!
Next, Grandma, Victor and I drove to the Lincoln Children's Museum for Music and Mozzarella. It's a free kids concert at the museum. The mozzarella is provided by Valentino's pizza. The music was provided by "The Okee Dokee Brothers". Their style is bluegrass, which made lots of kids dance! Grandma and I clapped along. My favorite song they performed was called "Robot."  It's not very bluegrass, but I like the lyrics!

Snow cones are refreshing and delicious. Victor talked about them the whole drive over, he wanted one so badly! They were huge, according to him. He was one lucky kid, because by the end of the night, he ate TWO snow cones. We had a great time together. I think we might have to go on another date!


  1. Ahhh! I Love it!! I'm so happy you guys had such a great time :) He would definitely like to go out on another date with Awesome Aunt Jen :)

  2. Thanks Nik! We did have some fun! You know, Uncle Gar has a snow cone machine....we might have to make our own soon.


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