WIP Wednesday

I've been living in the Merry Old Land of Oz for the last 6 weeks! Playing piano for Pinewood Bowl's production of "The Wizard of Oz" has been my biggest work in progress this summer. We are outdoors, in a park, every night. With the "bees in the breeze and the bats in the trees". There are all kinds of creatures out there. Rabbits, skunks, mice, frogs, birds, snakes. Bugs. Spiders crawling on my keyboard. It's an adventure!

The set pieces are not finished yet. It's fun to come back every night and see what has been painted or added. The poppies and sparkles were added to this piece today.

The witch's castle.

These are the hats for the Munchkins.

There are several volunteers who have spent hours glittering things. I think this is going to be one sparkly show! One of my favorite moments is when the costumes come out on stage. It's always a surprise!
We open July 7th. I'm so excited for everything to come together!


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