This is the view from the patio door. There used to be a bush where the dirt and weeds are. I'm not sure why it died. It may have been a mole. I saw one digging in that spot once. Or, it could have been the cute little boy who played football in the yard. Every once in awhile I would catch a glimpse of his blond head running past. Then *smack* the football would hit the brick wall.  I think this was the end zone, because if I looked out, he would be doing a little victory dance and cheering. Right there. Well, the boy and his family moved away a couple months ago. The yard is quiet now, except for the birds.

Once upon a time, I had a yard and garden. The house was rented, but we were expected to take care of the lawn. My sisters and I planted a garden with flowers and some vegetables. We were lucky if we had any produce with all the squirrels!  Now, I live in this apartment where I don't have to mow grass or shovel snow. But I do miss the garden. 
Looking at the dirt/weed patch was really bothering me. I bought some cheap plants at the garden center and pulled the plant hanger out of the garage. Oh, and I bought the cute bird feeder too. It's a shiny, candy apple red finish, kinda like you would see on a hot rod car. It's purdy. Can't wait to watch the birds. I hope my landlord doesn't make me take it down!


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