Hanging pictures with Velcro

Living in an apartment usually means plain white walls. It's against the rules to paint or make nail holes to hang things on the wall. So boring!
I saw these and thought I would try them. It's basically Velcro with adhesive on the back. The Velcro strips stick to the back of the picture, and then to the wall. It's supposed to come off the wall without taking off the paint. We'll see. I used two sets of strips for each picture. So far, the pictures have stayed on the wall for two whole days!

The Velcro strips work well if the picture has a flat back. This picture has a hanger attached to the back, so I had to try the kind that has a plastic bracket with a hook on the top. Do you like this embroidered bird/flower sampler? I bought it at Aardvark Antiques. I like it because it features flowers, birds, and colors I like. This must have taken someone many hours to complete, and I appreciate that!
This awesome painting was painted for me by my sister, Becky Costello. I love it so much! It's about time I put it up on the wall. You can see more of her artwork here.


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