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We Are Golden

    I thought that I was done making these dream journal pages. The funny thing about this project is, as time goes on, some of these pages come back around to me with new meanings or deeper understandings. Or, in this case, I have been reminded of this dream from 2019 several times in the last month or so. This is a strange one and somewhat difficult to explain. June 12, 2019 We are floating in the blackness of space, facing each other. I'm looking at you and you're looking at me, yet, we don't have physical eyes to see. No bodies, no flesh or bone. Formless. What we are made of instead is the most beautiful, golden beams of light. Bright shining like the sun. We notice a third golden energy there. A sacred, holy stillness envelops us. Then rainbow colors flash and swirl around us in a stunningly gorgeous moment. We are united as one.  The song that goes with this dream is  Woodstock We are stardust Billion year old carbon We are golden Caught in the devil's bargain  A

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