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Hello There

  Where has March gone? Life has been pretty busy for me because I moved! Work has me occupied with late nights right now, so getting settled is taking some time. That's ok though, no rush. I'm looking forward to sewing and crafting again once things slow down a bit. Today was our first Sunday back to in person church. I felt a bit rusty on how a church service goes after a whole year! We were all so happy to see each other again. The congregation erupted into joyous applause at the beginning of the service which brought a little tear to my eye. A lot can change in a year. As I looked out at my masked friends, I noticed the kids had grown older eyes and taller views. Some friends were missing because they passed away. I can hardly believe that we haven't see each other for a whole year. I feel like I missed a lot. But then, when I visited with people afterwards, it seemed like not much had changed. Several were eager to share their vaccination stories. Some were hopeful to

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