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First Time Sewing In My New Place!

  Back in March, my mom gave me a vintage Dressmaker sewing machine she found at the thrift shop. This thing is solid metal! I was excited to get it because my machine has not been sewing right. If you sew, you know how annoying and frustrating it can be to have to deal with machine issues. It's THE WORST. Yesterday, I finally lugged the weighty dressmaker to my dining table and cleaned it up to see if it worked. Hooray it works GREAT! That got me excited to sew! I'm really wanting to use up fabrics in my stash but I don't feel like spending ages making quilt tops haha. After a quick Pinterest search, I decided on this  Giant Bear Paw Pattern . Yes! Big pieces of fabric please! I pulled out my box of fat quarters and started choosing colors. Had to go with my favorite color scheme, rainbow. This top went together so quickly! The machine sewed so nicely! Ahhh what a good thing!! The background fabric must've been something I had intended for a quilt back at some point. L

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