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The Dyeing Adventures Continue

My brother Chris and his partner Jenny are expecting a baby come November and I am all excited for another nephew! Their friends threw them a baby shower last weekend and you know me, I like to give handmade gifts. Since I still had all my dyeing stuff out, I decided to keep experimenting with some ice tie dye and make a crib sheet. 

This time, I soaked my sheet fabric in a soda ash solution before I folded and tied the piece. I also sprinkled the dye directly onto the fabric and then put the ice cubes on top. I used some rocks to help keep the ice in place but in the video I watched, the person made a cardboard dam to hold the ice in. After the dye soaked in, I let the pieces sit for 24 hours before rinsing. After rinsing, I sprayed the pieces with a dye fixer. I'm hoping that all those steps will help to keep some color intensity.

I decided to catch the dye drips on another piece of fabric that had also been soaked in soda ash. Look at how cool the drip catcher turned out! 

So the …

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