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Fancy Forest Flimsy

Wow this week flew by! I seem to be in a routine of doing yard work at the beginning of the week and sewing at the end. I'm so excited that my zinnias are blooming! They are my favorites. Gary and I worked on cleaning up our patio and restacked the wood pile on Monday and Tuesday. We worked until dark on Monday and then quickly drove across town to catch the city fireworks, which was fun. We spent the evening of the 4th at dad's (he moved to Lincoln!) and we couldn't believe the non stop fireworks in his neighborhood! I was in a tired stupor by Wednesday, so I sat down with the prayer shawl I started forever ago and finished it up. It's nothing fancy pattern wise, just stockinette and seed stitch. It's so soft and warm though, made from homespun yarn that Kristie gave me awhile back when she was cleaning out her closets. I'll be donating the shawl to church soon! Today, I finished up the Fancy Forest quilt top. I'm so happy to have all these blocks done! I…

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