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Log's Goodwill Tie Problem

Whoa. I finished a quilt! It's been a minute.

I believe I began sewing these blocks back in November of 2018?? My friend had given me a box of his old ties, thinking that I might enjoy making something out of them. I decided to see what I could do. All the ties got a wash before I took them apart just to make sure they would hold up. One of them bled a bit, so I'm glad I washed first. Since ties are all silky and slickery, I ironed on interfacing to the back of each tie for more stability. I really like the Pellon SF101 interfacing for this kind of thing. Then came the fun part!

For the design, I decided on an improv quarter log cabin block. I had a lot of solid scraps in my bins, so that's how the rainbow color scheme came about. (I still have a lot of scraps by the way, even after this project!) Each tie made two blocks. I really enjoyed playing around with the color combinations and rearranging the blocks into something I liked. 

The backing is purple fleece. No batting in…

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