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Meet Me In The Middle Of The Sky

Back in May, I started dreaming about golden geometric patterns and shapes. Sometimes they would be swirling against the vast darkness of space. It was like looking into a giant kaleidoscope and very beautiful.

After scanning through my dream journal, I found that I've dreamed about circles six times since then. This dream page is from a dream I had on June 23rd. There were two halves of a circle, one white and the other black. The two halves were slowly coming together to meet. Each half had part of a song attached to it and when the two halves came together, the song was whole. Do I remember the song? No, but I wish I did!

On June 28th, there was a continuation of that dream. The black and white circle had become whole and it was very large. Much bigger than me. I was standing there, in the darkness of space, facing the circle. I was creating a list and checking things off on the black side. On July 29th, I was staying at my dad's house and I dreamed of the circle again. This …

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