Supernova Friendship Block Swap: First Blocks!

This Supernova Friendship Block Swap is turning out to be so much fun already!
Kristie from Sew Sunshine and I met up last weekend for a quilt studio tour here in town. We had a blast! I really liked seeing how different quilters organized their fabrics and sewing spaces. I came away with some good ideas for organization but I think for any of them to work for me, I'm gonna need a bigger house! Ha!
I so enjoyed hanging out with Kristie because she's a lot of fun! I'm so glad she asked if I wanted to go because I probably wouldn't have gone by myself.

We each had our first blocks finished, so we swapped then. 
Hers is aqua and awesome!

Mine is red.

It's pretty amazing how we organized our fabrics in the same way! Like Kristie said, it's like were meant to do this quilt together!

For the friendship part of the swap, we had to do a "25 Things You Don't Know About Me." We discovered that we have a lot in common! Besides loving quilting and fabric, we both love to laugh! We both have gardens, sunburn easily and get motion sickness. And here's an important one, chocolate is a favorite treat! 

I'm loving how these blocks look together already and I can't wait for our next swap! I think this quilt is going to be fantastic and I'm excited to learn more about my new friend, Kristie!


  1. Yeah us! I feel very fortunate to have linked up with you. We are going to have fun. I hope I don't pick something yucky for our next block since our first swap blocks look so great together. Oh the pressure..haha!


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